Advanced Theta Healing Seminar
Las Vegas

With Marina Rose - Theta Healing Master

Join Advanced Medical Intuitive, for this Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar.

See Inside The Body!
Would You Like To Be Able to See Inside the Body with Advanced Theta Healing?

Our seminars are taught by our Executive Director, Marina Rose, who has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Motivation.

Marina is a Theta Healing Master who also holds the very distinguished Certificate of Science in Theta Healing.  These highly honored credentials reflect Marina's dedication to advanced studies and mastering the craft of Theta Healing and Metaphysics, and ensuring that this knowledge is passed on with integrity and dignity,  what Theta Healer Founder Vianna Stibal would like.

Course Overview:
In this Advanced Theta Healing Seminar, students will learn the Advanced Techniques to expand their training in Theta Healing.

Further your development as a practitioner by introducing several new techniques to expand and enhance your abilities as a Theta Healer and clear negative beliefs even faster than before with hundred and hundreds of “downloads” which will raise your consciousness with joy, ease. Learn to trust yourself to see inside the body!

Basic DNA Theta Healing with a certified instructor.

You should take the Advanced Theta Healing Seminar if:  
• You loved  our Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar.
• You want to strengthen your skills as a Theta Healing Practitioner.
• You want to do “readings and healings” faster and more effectively.
• You want to get to core beliefs thoroughly, quickly and easily.

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Instructor:                                 Time:                                                Price:
Marina Rose                              9:00 AM - 6:00 PM                           $ 575.00

CEU Credits Available 
School Of DNA Theta Healing offers CEU Credits Available for Acupuncture • Occupational Therapy • Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork• Nursing• Hypnotherapy

Advanced Theta Healing Seminar - What This Course Covers

• Access “Downloads” directly from Source that will instantly
  work through your deepest blocks with ease.

• Receive hundreds and hundreds of Downloads that will
  profoundly improve every aspect of your life.

• Change hundreds or thousands of beliefs all at
  once with downloads.

• Advanced tips, tricks, and techniques for improving your
  reading and alternative healing ability.

• Open your psychic centers.

• Get to the core of and transform fear, resentment, grudges,
  and addictions downloads.

• Contact and communicate with your genetic ancestors
  and your higher self.

• Receive profound healings for your Soul and Heart
  directly from Source.

• Clear free floating memories (engram banks) from
  Surgery, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Sexual Abuse, War,
  Fainting Spells, O.D. or Trauma Etc.

• Advanced understanding of the Seven Planes of existence
  and how to use them in healing and manifestation.

• Heal broken hearts.

• Heal and change broken souls.

• Bend time to what you want. Make it faster or slower.

• Release Fears, Rejections, Resentments and Regrets.

• Send Love and Protect the Baby in the Womb.

• Talk to the Higher Self.

• Core Beliefs: Do Belief work on Non-organic material.

• Practice 'digging' for key beliefs.

• Advanced manifestation techniques.

Marina Rose
Telephone:    + 1 (877) DNA-THETA 
International:  +1 (310) 358-2991
Email: info@dnathetahealing.com                                               
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$145.00-Non Refundable Deposit   Course Price: $430.00   Total Price $575.00

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Upon completion of your Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar you will be a certified as and Advanced Theta Healing practitioner. Marina Rose will register you as an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner with Vianna Stibal's Nature's Path, the founder of Theta Healing.

Marina Rose, School of DNA Theta Healing ®
5348 Vegas Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

Detailed Seminar Information:
Contact Marina Rose
Telephone:    + 1 (877) DNA-THETA 
International:  +1 (310) 358-2991
Email:  info@dnathetahealing.com

For your information and what you need know:
• Registration ASAP – Space is Limited! 
• This class is mostly an Experiential Class with some Lectures.
• Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar is Required For All the other Seminars except Rainbow Children Theta Healing Seminar.

What’s included:
DNA Theta Healing Manual PLUS the book  "Advanced Theta Healing" much anticipated by everyone and written by the esteemed Vianna Stibal.










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Become A Theta Healing Master

Create the life that you want.
Rid yourself of your lesser self.
Become Empowered.
Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.™

Become the Master of your Life.
Become the Master in Theta Healing.
Be all that you can be. Navigate the course of
your life to where and how you want your life
to be in every way.

Be the conduit for your life and other people's lives
by radiating at the highest frequency and illuminating
the world with your presence.























Additional Information: 
Theta Healing is applicable to so many areas of your life. People from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experience are drawn to the Theta Healing work. Some seek relief from chronic injury or illness. Some are natural intuitives who are seeking a refined technique to use their abilities more powerfully and more beneficially. Some people are attracted to Theta Healing because they want to get out of the rat race and build a business for themselves. Some people are attracted to Theta Healing to manifest their most compatible soul mate. Other people already practice a focused spirituality and want to connect more closely to the Creator of all that is. Some people just want instant results with healing themselves and others, Theta Healing does offer instant results after you work on your beliefs systems. Some people want to learn Theta Healing so they can have their DNA Activated and help raise the vibration of the Earth and create a more enlightened world consciousness.

Know Your Instructor- Marina Rose:  
Marina Rose, the Founder and the Executive Director of the Marina Rose, School Of DNA Theta Healing ® has a Doctorate in Metaphysics & Motivation. She is a Founding Partner in The International Theta Healing Association®, ITHA™. She has a Certificate of Science in Theta Healing® and she is a Theta Healing Master. The School of DNA Theta Healing® teaches all 14 Theta Healing Seminars for the Theta Healing Practitioner Master Program. She is a Medical Intuitive, Emotional Intuitive and Disease Whisperer. She is Theta Healing Facilitator, Theta Healing Teacher, Theta Healing Business Consultant, Theta Healing Business Coach and Theta Healing Life Coach. She is a Basic Theta Healing Teacher, Advanced DNA Teacher, Manifesting & Abundance Teacher, Weight RHYTHM Liberation Teacher, Game of Life Teacher, Soul Mate Teacher, Intuitive Anatomy Teacher, Rainbow Children Teacher, Animal Communication Teacher, Plant Communication Teacher, World Relations Teacher, Disease and Disorder Teacher, DNA 3 Teacher, and has completed 7 Planes of Existence, Advanced Digging Technique and Mentor & Advanced Mentor Program. She is a Polarity Therapist & Teacher, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Emotional Release Therapist. Marina has developed and pioneered QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® along with Somatic Trauma Expression™ Body Centered Psychotherapy.
Additional Information About Marina Rose: 
Marina Rose has clients in 60 countries and all over the United States. She is based in Los Angeles, with offices in two locations, Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon. Marina is committed to holding and assisting Vianna’s vision of teaching Theta Healing to the world. Theta Healing is very sacred to Marina, and she is willing to travel to all parts of the world in order to teach and encourage people from walks of life how to heal themselves, to become their true selves, and to be in their own power. Marina Rose is all about her clients and students becoming totally healthy, happy, passionate about life, self responsible with the choices in life that they make, becoming self reliant , self empowered and just plain powerful while totally connecting to the Universal Life Force Energy of the Creator of All That is.Please visit Marina's DNA Theta Healing Teaching Testimonials. To find out more about Marina Rose, please visit our Teachers page at www.dnathetahealing.com.  For additional information on DNA/Theta Healing visit our DNA Theta Healing page.


The way Marina teaches is so clear, her teaching style is effortlessly Once again Marina teaches Advanced DNA so thoroughly and with such clarity and her joy of Theta Healing comes through with flying colors. She has exceeded my expectations as a teacher another time. I cannot wait for the Manifesting & Abundance Seminar that she is teaching us next. I am also hoping she’ll come back to New York and teach Rainbow Children and Intuitive Anatomy.

Yolanda Badillo
Diplomat of Clinical Homeopathy, Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki
Master, Kofutu Instructor, Medical Intuitive, Reconnection Practitioner,
Body Talk Practitioner, Melchizedek Priest

Manhattan, NY


I have taken the Basic DNA Theta with Marina and she totally out did herself with teaching the Advanced DNA her teaching style is so clear. She teaches you what’s in the manual and so much more. Marina was born to teach Theta Healing. She goes above and beyond what needs to be taught. Marina has so much love that she gives her all to her students. She is very patient with them all. This class of Advanced DNA opened up a lot of doors for me. I’m now looking at myself differently which allows me to help my clients with getting rid some of their beliefs that they have not been able to let go off.

Mary Slade
Body Talk Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner,Signature Cell Practitioner, Reconnection Practitioner, Colonic HydroTherapist, Iridologist, Body Work Practitioner

Brooklyn, NY


This Advanced DNA was taught in an informative manner with lots of practical experience given. The pace was fast and provided for many opportunities for repetition of this modality through lectures, examples and practice. The information given was rich, and gave me a new perspective to many previously held views. Thank you

Peggy Patterson Miller
Speech Pathologist & Theta Healing Practitioner

Brooklyn, NY


Marina Rose’s teaching style is unique and fun. She teaches so clearly and takes the necessary time and gives the necessary attention to each individual as well as the group on a whole. Her teaching style kept me on my toes, awake, and alert to receive the information. Her teaching style of teaching Theta Healing was inspiring with so much laughter, joy, while staying completely present with each and every one in the class. Thank you so much Marina. I hope to see you again and many blessing to you.

Abyaha Cordova
Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Theta Healer and Energy Healer
Vandana Healing Center

New Jersey, NY


Marina Rose changed my life on every level, like no one else ever did before. She teaches like a mother loving a child. My experience with her as my teacher and what I noticed about her was her professionalism, her love and her kindness. To me it was everything. I have never found anyone like her that meet all of my needs. I have so much love and respect and affection for her. Thank you Marina

Gladys Contave
Hairdresser, Reiki Master, Theta Healer and Aromatherapist

Queens, NY


This course of Advanced DNA Theta taught by Marina Rose was well thought out, step by step, inclusive of a variety of educational methods. The most important feature was maintaining the highest level of God Supreme thereby in affinity with the religions of all students in the class, Spiritual Analysis was well defined. Demonstrations were extraordinary. We proved the theories of Theta Healing through “Student Practitioner” and “Student Client” adaptations. We could see clearly the affinity with the truths of antiquity and this modern space age healing modality.

Rosalind Robinson
Theta Healer

New Jersey, NY


Marina Rose teaches with such authority and flexibility. She goes above and beyond as a teacher.  She is a Master Teacher. Thank you for a great job. Thank you for your knowledge of the material you teach.  Thank you for you sparkling personality and you genuine concern for the well being of all of your students.  Bottom Line WOW!!!!!!!!

Brent Howard
Spiritual Healer and Theta Healer, Reconnection Healer, Bioenergetic Healer, Reiki Master And Success Coach

Manhattan Beach, California


It's definitely important to take the Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar in close proximity to the Basic Theta Healing Seminar, it really helps to complete the training for you and understand what may have been forgotten or not perceived in the Basic Theta Healing Seminar.   It helps deepen and solidify your skills overall. Taking the Theta Healing Seminars with Marina Rose has facilitated an awakening so deep in myself  that has been asleep my whole life. I am very grateful for my new skills and awareness, as well as Marina's guidance and example as a Theta Healing Practitioner  and Teacher. This training with Marina Rose is for the courageous and those who are ready to see the truth with self honesty about themselves and share it with others.

This training has empowered me tremendously to integrate the Theta Healing Anatomy, Astrology and my Healing Practice. I enjoyed this class with Marina immensely. She has amazing command of the language of Theta Healing and a profound understanding of human nature and an unyielding faith in God. By just being herself and sharing her testimonies, she is an amazing inspiration to all.

Trudy Wendelin
Student Acupuncturist, Astrologer & Shaman Healer

San Diego, CA


I feel that Marina has the best Intuitive Skills I have ever seen. Her ability to zero in on the root cause of something is uncanny. She is phenomenal. She creates a safe and loving environment that forces change in all of her students in a deeply loving way. The energy she creates in her class forces the students to far beyond their own boundaries and limitations without fear and it teaches the students to trust the Divine Source within each of us. Marina is truly a blessing. The way she teaches is a mastermind.

David Snyder
Licensed Acupuncturist, Diploma Oriental Medicine, Certified Master Hypnotist, Reiki and Pranic Healer & Theta Healer.

San Diego, California


This is the 2nd time I have taken a course from Marina Rose. Ever since taking 1st Class Basic DNA Theta Healing from Marina, my life has not been the same. My own spiritual growth, healing ability and my own potential has been growing exponentially on a daily basis without exaggeration old sets of baggage have shed, new resolutions are made and followed through everyday. My ability to heal myself and others have been amazingly growing.

This Advanced DNA Seminar with Marina Rose is another totally eye opening experience. I already feel it will exponentially accelerate my already accelerated advancement to a completely exciting future. I look forward to it. It is so great to have a teacher that takes care of all your needs by just reading you. Thank you Marina.

Dr. Dawn Liu
PH.D BioChemist, Chiropractor and Licensed Acupuncturist

San Diego, California


What I love about the way Marina Rose teaches is she listens to everyone in the room follows through on their requests and holds the space and is in charge the whole time. To tell the truth I was concerned that Advanced DNA Theta would be way beyond my reach and there would be no place for me in the class seeing that I do not do healing as a profession. I was absolutely wrong. Not only did Marina create the safe and supportive space, she also empowered me with all the resources I needed to feel 100% on board, equal and included me in the group. It was a joy and I loved every minute of it.

Londin WInters
Director & Producer & Business Entrepreneur

Topanga, California


Met with my current readiness to go after deeply imbedded beliefs, oaths, vows and commitments that I have made in the past. Marina holds a space in such a way that it feels completely safe to dig deep and to be dug upon deeply. It was an amazing and transformative experience that has such large repercussions, I am excited to see how the shifts will continue to unfold. Thank you Marina. You've done it again. With love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Yukiko Amaya
Yoga Teacher and Healer

Topanga, California


I loved the Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar that Marina Rose taught. I love that she runs a very strong classroom with very strong boundaries and that she is so thorough with her lectures of the material. I feel so empowered with everything she taught me. In space that Marina holds in her classes I have had so many healings. I felt a lot of beliefs and programs have shifted that have been holding me back. I am so much more in tune with Creator.

Edward Chan
Licensed Acupuncturist

Houston, Texas


I love the way Marina Rose teaches, she met my needs and I love her ability to be flexible in her approach as a teacher. I loved this Advanced DNA Seminar, she explains things so clearly and easy to follow, she empowers me to take this work out into my healing practice. The healing that went on for me was profound, I found that some issues that I thought were healed a long time ago were not fully healed. However, they got fully healed in the Seminar. This course has helped me to learn a great deal about my challenges in many classroom settings and it has helped me to deal with it. Marina you have taught me a great deal. Thank you so much

Kevin Cole
NLP Practitioner & Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Business Coach, Empowerment Coach

San Diego, California


Marina Rose is an experienced and excellent teacher. She easily, efficiently and whole heartedly teaches Advanced DNA Material. It such a delight to be Marina and all the students. l really like and appreciate that she keeps the class on track and flowing really smoothly. I had a lot healing that went on for me personally, I released a lot of old unwanted beliefs and commitments, vows, oaths and contracts for this I am thrilled about it.

Claire Madson
Naturopath and Chiropractor

Westlake, CA


What can I say, I loved the Advanced DNA Seminar that Marina Rose taught. What I love about the class and Marina's teaching style was the serenity of the class, the different energy levels of the class and receiving all the downloads and Marina's enthusiasm of the Theta Healing and teaching it. I was able release old patterns that got in the way of my happiness. I've never been in a Seminar that times just goes by so quickly. Marina Rose is a gifted Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher. She teaches with such knowledge and passion. I feel that the my body and head are actually more centered and less cluttered. Marina was genuine with her teaching and down to earth. Marina if full of energy and radiates healing. Marina actually lives what she teaches, this is very transparent.

Rebecca Norris
Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, and Theta Healing

Cumberland, Maryland

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