Basic Theta Healing Seminar
Los Angeles

ith Marina Rose - Theta Healing Master

Marina Rose, Executive Director of the Marina Rose, School Of DNA Theta Healing ®, says:

 "Theta Healing is the most profound and powerful healing
                 paradigm on the planet at this time."

Our seminars are taught by our Executive Director, Marina Rose, who has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Motivation.

Marina is a Theta Healing Master who also holds the very distinguished Certificate of Science in Theta Healing.  These highly honored credentials reflect Marina's dedication to advanced studies and mastering the craft of Theta Healing and Metaphysics, and ensuring that this knowledge is passed on with integrity and dignity,  what Theta Healer Founder Vianna Stibal would like.

Course Overview:
In this Basic Theta Healing Seminar, students will learn the fundamentals of Theta Healing.

Theta Healing was created by the esteemed Vianna Stibal, a visionary Medical Intuitive and Healer. DNA Theta Healing is about healing and creating a life that you want. You don't have to struggle with issues regarding your Health, Emotions, Love, Money, Work, Phobias, Depression, Abuse, Self Forgiveness, or Chronic Pain. DNA Theta Healing allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in a client’s DNA on a cellular level by transforming the core of their beliefs.

These beliefs are held on four levels:
  Core Beliefs - Are what you have learned from a child. It’s what we usually learn from our parents. It’s what we usually  see a therapist for. It resides in our mental -  emotional body.
  Genetic Beliefs - Are carried over from our ancestors, usually 3 - 4 generations back. They are held in the  morphogentic field and DNA.
  History Beliefs - Are carried over from your past lives and the history of your race. They can also be carried as collective consciousness. These experiences are  real. Where they come from is not the issue. It is vital to resolve the issues on the history level. Usually they are held in all the other levels.

Soul Level - Is who we are. What we are. Our souls are still learning and can be redirected. If a person holds programs  n more than one level, the soul may be affected. For example grief and sorrow can be carried to the soul. Not only does this end up effecting a particular part of your body, e.g. Lungs. But you are making choices from that place of grief and sorrow, not from a healthy neutral place.


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Feb 14 – Feb 16, 2014
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Instructor:                                           Time:                                                    Price:
Marina Rose                                        9:00 AM - 6:00 PM                              $ 545.00

CEU Credits Available 
School Of DNA Theta Healing offers CEU Credits Available for
Acupuncture • Occupational Therapy • Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork• Nursing• Hypnotherapy.

Marina Rose
Telephone:    + 1 (877) DNA-THETA 
International:  +1 (310) 358-2991
Email: info@dnathetahealing.com                                               
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Upon completion of your DNA Theta Healing Basic Seminar you will be certified as a Theta Healing Practitioner and registered with Vianna Stibal's Nature's Path, the founder of Theta Healing.

Marina Rose, School of DNA Theta Healing ®
2210 Main Street, Suite 300, Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA

Detailed Seminar Information:
Contact Marina Rose
Telephone:    + 1 (877) DNA-THETA 
International:  +1 (310) 358-2991
Email:  info@dnathetahealing.com


For your information and what you need know:
• No experience is necessary.
• Registration ASAP – Space is Limited! 
• This class is mostly an Experiential Class with some Lectures.
• Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar Required For Advanced DNA Theta Healing and DNA
  Theta Healing Manifesting & Abundance  Seminars.

What’s included:
DNA Theta Healing Manual PLUS the book  "Theta Healing" much anticipated by everyone and written by the esteemed Vianna Stibal.

Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar- What This Course Covers:

• The story of how Theta Healing began and how it has grown
   and evolved

• The Brain Waves and how they are important in the
   healing process

• How to cultivate a Theta Brain Wave and use it to connect
  directly to the Creative Source

• Main Chakras, Psychic Senses, and Types of Healing 

• Remote Viewing and Body Scanning

• How to witness the Creative Life Source heal the body 

• Command DNA Activation in all DNA structures

• Future Readings 

• Core Beliefs: Four Level Belief Work 

• Kinesiology techniques to test the Four Level Belief Work
  (Core Genetic, History and Soul Levels

• How to test and change subconscious beliefs on the four
   different levels (core, genetic, history, and soul)

• How to muscle test yourself and other people to
  reveal subconscious beliefs

• How to talk to Guardian Angels & Guides 

• Reprogramming Viruses on the Belief levels

• Experience Unconditional Love moving through and healing
  your body

• How to remove emotional and psychic hooks & chords 

• How to reclaim soul fragments 

• The difference between Walk-in spirits and Soul Travelers 

• Remove and eliminate curses and psychic attacks 

• Understand and work with the Seven Planes of Existence

• Manifestation techniques to co-create your life 

• Communicate and heal Animals and Pets

• Replace Genes and eliminate the Aging Gene 

• How to work with Cancer, Viruses, & Bacteria

• Adjust brain chemistry and out of balance states

• How to do intuitive readings (looking inside the body)

• How to draw on unlimited Source energy for readings and
  healings, instead of depleting your own energy

• How to find the subconscious core beliefs underlying an illness,
   injury, or other challenge

• How to work with the Universe to Co-Create your life exactly
   the way YOU want it to be

• How to draw on unlimited Source energy for readings and
   healings, instead of depleting your own energy

• Suggested Nutritional Information to compliment the
  healing work & support self responsibility









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Become A Theta Healing Master

Create the life that you want.
Rid yourself of your lesser self.
Become Empowered.
Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.™

Become the Master of your Life.
Become the Master in Theta Healing.
Be all that you can be. Navigate the course of
your life to where and how you want your life
to be in every way.

Be the conduit for your life and other people's lives
by radiating at the highest frequency and illuminating
the world with your presence.






















Additional Information: 
Theta Healing is applicable to so many areas of your life. People from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experience are drawn to the Theta Healing work. Some seek relief from chronic injury or illness. Some are natural intuitives who are seeking a refined technique to use their abilities more powerfully and more beneficially. Some people are attracted to Theta Healing because they want to get out of the rat race and build a business for themselves. Some people are attracted to Theta Healing to manifest their most compatible soul mate. Other people already practice a focused spirituality and want to connect more closely to the Creator of all that is. Some people just want instant results with healing themselves and others, Theta Healing does offer instant results after you work on your beliefs systems. Some people want to learn Theta Healing so they can have their DNA Activated and help raise the vibration of the Earth and create a more enlightened world consciousness.

Know Your Instructor- Marina Rose:  
Marina Rose, the Founder and the Executive Director of the Marina Rose, School Of DNA Theta Healing ® has a Doctorate in Metaphysics & Motivation. She is a Founding Partner in The International Theta Healing Association®, ITHA™. She has a Certificate of Science in Theta Healing® and she is a Theta Healing Master. The School of DNA Theta Healing® teaches all 14 Theta Healing Seminars for the Theta Healing Practitioner Master Program. She is a Medical Intuitive, Emotional Intuitive and Disease Whisperer. She is Theta Healing Facilitator, Theta Healing Teacher, Theta Healing Business Consultant, Theta Healing Business Coach and Theta Healing Life Coach. She is a Basic Theta Healing Teacher, Advanced DNA Teacher, Manifesting & Abundance Teacher, Weight RHYTHM Liberation Teacher, Game of Life Teacher, Soul Mate Teacher, Intuitive Anatomy Teacher, Rainbow Children Teacher, Animal Communication Teacher, Plant Communication Teacher, World Relations Teacher, Disease and Disorder Teacher, DNA 3 Teacher, and has completed 7 Planes of Existence, Advanced Digging Technique and Mentor & Advanced Mentor Program. She is a Polarity Therapist & Teacher, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Emotional Release Therapist. Marina has developed and pioneered QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® along with Somatic Trauma Expression™ Body Centered Psychotherapy. 
Additional Information About Marina Rose: 
Marina Rose has clients in 60 countries and all over the United States. She is based in Los Angeles, with offices in two locations, Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon. Marina is committed to holding and assisting Vianna’s vision of teaching Theta Healing to the world. Theta Healing is very sacred to Marina, and she is willing to travel to all parts of the world in order to teach and encourage people from walks of life how to heal themselves, to become their true selves, and to be in their own power. Marina Rose is all about her clients and students becoming totally healthy, happy, passionate about life, self responsible with the choices in life that they make, becoming self reliant , self empowered and just plain powerful while totally connecting to the Universal Life Force Energy of the Creator of All That is.

Please visit Marina's DNA Theta Healing Teaching Testimonials. To find out more about Marina Rose, please visit our Teachers page at www.dnathetahealing.com.  For additional information on DNA/Theta Healing visit our DNA Theta Healing page.


The way Marina teaches is so clear, her teaching style is effortlessly powerful. I didn't know what to expect from the class. The way she teaches is very clear, very powerful and simple. The sessions we received were also so powerful and I made a new connection with my consciousness even more than before. I can now access even more information. I liked her style because she is clear and she kept her boundaries for herself and her students so the class could move forward. I would recommend her to teach anyone who wanted to study this work.

Yolanda Badillo,
Diplomat of Clinical Homeopathy, Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Master, Kofutu Instructor, Medical Intuitive, Reconnection Practitioner, Body Talk Practitioner, Melchizedek Priest

Manhattan NY


Marina is an excellent teacher, her capacity to teach took to me to a whole different level. I was able to see things that I couldn't before and I feel so much throughout my body. Marina was able to go through her lesson plan in such a way that you understood what she was talking about. Her strengths that I like was how she kept order in the class without letting her students throw her off track.

Mary Slade
Body Talk Practitioner, Signature Cell Practitioner, Reconnection Practitioner, Colonic HydroTherapist, Iridologist, Body Work Practitioner

Brooklyn, NY


I loved Marina's class. I started out not connected to God and unsure of of abilities. After talking with her and taking the class, I am connected to God. She was gentle when I needed her to be and also firm when I needed it. I will pursue Theta Healing now as a career because of the confidence she gave me. Thank you!

Deana Stroud

Brooklyn NY


Marina is a dynamic, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable practitioner and teacher of Theta Healing. Her bold and sparkling personality gave the learning process a certain quality that served as a catalyst for helping me quickly process information, implement it, stand back and watch amazing miracles happen. Her strength of character is highly effective in teaching volumes of information in a short amount of time. Marina teaches clearly and concisely. She explains everything thoroughly, she reads the energy of the room very intuitively and insightfully. Marina met my needs as teacher and I looking forward to all the other classes that she is teaching. Marina's manner in listening to the requests of her students was followed through with very healthy boundaries to make time for explaining concepts. Well done Marina and Thanks!

Barbara Brentwood
Master Clairvoyant & Medium & Healer

Brooklyn, NY


Marina Rose teaches in such a concise and thorough manner, her teaching style is straight forward and reflected her command of the subject matter. She creates an environment so all the participants can experience and be transported into an exploration of areas previously unchartered and untapped in their live. She did this in her demo of this work. She facilitated a transformation for me and for every participant.

Peggy Patterson Miller
Speech Pathologist

Brooklyn, NY


Marina is a best teacher I have ever met so far. She is so kind, sympathetic and so human. She's grounded with an fantastic personality which makes it easy to learning from her. She teaches this material from the heart and knows it inside out on every level. I benefited so much from this class and enjoyed it. She changed so many things and thought patterns in my life. It was an honor and privilege to be in her class.

Lots of Love
Gladys Contave
Hairdresser, Reiki Master, Theta Healer and Aromatherapist

Queens, NY


Marina Rose teaches in such a thorough manner. She has a wonderful balance between the written data from the Book, Manuals, Handouts and Spiritual
Demonstrations. She gives her students personal guidance as she goes around while we are all working, gently following up with do's and dont's . She uses extraordinary Theta Transmissions with constant check and balances to activate fail proof performance. Teaching at this DNA Level puts Marina at a higher position of futuristic oriented needed work. I am thankful on the cellular level for having her being my teacher. She is so connected to God and points straight to God, the Creator of all that is.

Rosalind Robinson
Theta Healer

New Jersey, NY


What can I say, I repeated this class because I wanted to, I moved so much stuff in the first class and I wanted to move even more again this second time around. Marina again an excellent job, the way she teaches is so clear and effortless. Just being in her presence and class opens so many doors for me that have been closed in the past. Marina is very unique in her teaching style different from any other teachers that I have trained with and that is truly a good thing. The strengths that I love about her is when she is working with someone and if they are not getting it the material because of their blocks, she shows them so much love and encourages them that they can do it.

Mary Slade
Body Talk Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner,Signature Cell Practitioner, Reconnection Practitioner, Colonic HydroTherapist, Iridologist, Body Work Practitioner

Brooklyn, NY


This Basic DNA Theta Seminar was taught with very high levels of truth, honor and integrity. The information that was disseminated was great and important addition to my understanding and practice of energy and spiritual work. It filled in a lot of gaps I had in my knowledge and introduced me to a very, very powerful yet simple & elegant & consistently reliable energetic system of healing, both for others and ourselves.

Marina Rose reads the energy of the room, and goes with the energy of the room in a very sensitive, perceptive & creative way. She just follows
the way, she just flows with it. She listens to all of her students requests very thoughtfully, with elaborated answers to questions in a very attentive way for each students
needs and concerns.

The practice sessions in the class were very intense and drilled me down with good confidence in the Theta Healing. The class demonstrations performed by Marina Rose were very deep and profound experience both for the recipients and for all the student observers. Through this well organized and well led class and practices of well taught students, I had an amazing experience in learning, healing others, being healed, empowered and enlightenment. Thank you Marina!

Dr. Dawn Liu
PH.D, Chiropractor and Licensed Acupuncturist

San Diego, California


This DNA Basic Theta Healing Seminar was beyond a doubt one of the most transformational events I have ever experienced. Marina's intuitive and healing abilities are second to none. If you ever remotely thinking about learning Theta Healing, be sure your learn it from Marina Rose. Thank you so much.

David Snyder
Licensed Acupuncturist and CHT

San Diego, California


I used to think "healing" was a mystical, untouchable place and you needed special powers to access it, and it was for the chosen few. Marina Rose simultaneously takes the mysticism out of "healing" and puts it back too, because the way she instructs is who she is and she makes
healing seem so accessible and so easy. On the other hand, it becomes even more awe- inspiring than it was before. Marina Rose totally and utterly changed that for me.

The way Marina teaches is beautiful, moving, fun, fast paced joy ride, having said that she also teaches in such a down to earth manner, so clear, so loving in the way she awakens all of us to our own power. The power to simply be a vessel for God. I can't wait for more of her classes. I am taking them all. Thank you, Love Londin.

Londin Winters
Director & Producer & Business Entrepreneur

Topanga, California


Marina Rose teaches the Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar with such passion. I have great respect for Marina's teaching style.  She has great passion and is very eloquent and is a very clear communicator and teacher. She did a great job offering examples and testimonials of her success from Theta Healing. I also very much enjoyed and learnt so much from her demos. These demos were so revealing and profound regarding the intensity of this work. I loved learning the muscle testing. Thanks Marina. It was all good.

Jean Savage
Reiki Master

Santa Monica, California


Marina Rose teaches very clearly and concisely. At times the group dynamics were a little overwhelming and Marina facilitated through it with poise and ease. The Basic Theta Healing Seminar was a dynamic experience for me, validating the next steps I need to take in my life. Marina Rose is a powerful conduit as a teacher  and for this work. She is so self assured, sensitive and passionate in her beliefs, abilities and knowledge.

Trudy Wendelin
Student Acupuncturist, Shaman Healer

San Diego, California


This Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar that Marina Rose taught was a Life Changing Experience through all the teachings and the practice work. I know from this moment forward my life is unfolding from a rock solid place of who I truly am. There were such deep core shifts that happened in this seminar for me words would not be suffice.

I love Marina's compassionate, loving, no nonsense, down to earth approach to teaching this material. It was also great to feel and know through the way she taught, she truly held the space for all of us,
You could feel her depth of commitment to Theta Healing, to the teachings of Theta Healing and her amazing strength and courage in the face of life.

Marina is fun and it really helped me to go as far as I could and jump in knowing Marina was totally there for me in a rock solid way. Thank you for guiding, healing and teaching me. I love this work

Yukiko Amaya
Yoga Teacher and Healer

Topanga, California


The way Marina teaches is fun and interesting, she explains everything thoroughly. She is a dynamic teacher and healer that pushes through the materially beautifully and wonderfully. I had a personal healing of releasing fear that was keeping me stuck.

Claire Madson
Naturopath and Chiropractor

Westlake, CA


Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar taught by Marina Rose was fantastic, she explains everything so thoroughly. What I love she is the real thing
her energy is dynamic, her empathic and intuitive skills are unsurpassed. She empowers you in a way that not many people do. I had many personal healings, I so many blocks and beliefs removed. Marina Rose is a very talented intuitive healer. I don't believe anyone could beat her skills in Theta Work. She has an amazing ability to find out what's wrong and how to fix it. I have been to many seminars in over 30 years. This is the BEST I've ever encountered.

Richard Geber
Minister and Healer
Encino, CA


Marina teaches in teaches in very powerful manner, she reads the room like reading a book and goes with the energy of the room. She is so animated and with so much energy, she makes the seminar speed along, she is so empowering. I had so much personal healing going on the seminar, I cleared so many resentments and fears. Marina taught this class with a lot enthusiasm. She had a lot of material to cover in 3 days. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with my clients. I learned so much about boundary setting with Marina. She is a great teacher and practitioner.

Susan Baroni
Astrologer , Life Coach, Spiritual Intuitive & Coach, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Angel Therapy Healer

Westlake, CA


I love Marina's passion for this work. I appreciated her healing intuition. She inspired me with her brilliance for the work. I feel 100% connected to the Creator of all that is. I experienced such healing in all areas of my life in this seminar. I love Marina's energy and what she is able to create in this space, she a powerful conduit.

Chris Kurata
Screenwriter & Healer

Canoga Park, CA


What I learned from taking this Theta Healing Seminar with Marina Rose was definitely a new approach to healing work and it added a lot of tools in my tool box. Marina teaches in an extremely great way, she is very empowering. I truly have the greatest respect for her skills as a Theta Healing Practitioner. Marina Rose knows exactly when and how her clients are hiding. They can run and sometimes will, but they cannot hide from Marina. I also believe very strongly that Marina Rose is an awesome healer and a "true" healer. What I mean by this is that I see so many who will not go the extra mile to really do the work and Marina fears nothing when it comes to challenges people have. This resonates with me strongly because I too fear nothing when it comes to that.

Kevin Cole
NLP Practitioner & Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Business Coach, Empowerment Coach.

San Diego, CA


What I love about Marina’s teaching style are her drills in the class, the way she keeps the class moving. I thoroughly enjoyed this Seminar. I had many healings in this Seminar. I released of a lot of my regret, guilt plus other emotions that were so deep. This Seminar has changed my life.

Edward Chan
Licensed Acupuncturist
Houston TX


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